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Short recorded (ancient) history:

House of Peace - Such a Feeling EP
NuGroove Records 1992
Samples available
here and here

Radiant Baby feat. Nina Simone - New Dawn
Ultrasonic Records 1992
Licensed to Jive in Europe as Feeling Good (New Dawn)

Pounding System – Freedom is Coming
Solid Pleasure Promo (never released) 1991

Sound Factory & Sound Factory Bar mixtapes shared with me at the time by MP, for
which untold thanks are due. MP took me on my first trip to Sound Factory to hear
Frankie spinning, December 30 1990.  I moved to NYC a year later, going back to the
Factory the first weekend (Junior tape 1/5/92 is from that morning, starting around 10:
30am or so). Radio tapes recorded myself off a dodgy radio, sorry about the pops and