New Order Confusion Video, Shakedown Sounds

January 27th, 2008 by RJJNYC

A glimpse of a New York City that no longer exists. Includes footage of Paradise Garage (the band onstage and leaving down the ramp) and The Funhouse (where Arthur Baker takes the tape at the end).

Some kindly person has made mp3 files of the Streetwise version of this track available here on 4share, you just have to wait a few for the download option to appear.

Victor Simonelli also just posted some great reminiscences about Arthur Baker’s Shakedown Sounds in the mid-80s to DHP, including this photo of the crew taken on Randall’s Island.

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Lady Kier Hanging with the Xtravaganzas at the Sound Factory, 1990

January 17th, 2008 by RJJNYC

Just came across this on Flickr, from Lady Kier’s album which contains a bunch of great photos (love the Vogue cover!). The House of Xtravaganza ruled one side of the rest area at the Factory, where this photo was taken.

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