Factory tracks 89/90

April 24th, 2010 by RJJNYC

This tracklist was posted to the DHP message board by ronhnyc, the archive it was part of now seems to have been deleted.

2 in a Room – Take Me Away
Frank de Wulf – Butterfly
Reese – Rock to the Beat
Bang the Party – Bang Bang You’re Mine
Bluejean – Don’t Laugh
Vicki Martin – Not Gonna Do It
Hollywood Beyond – I Promise
Ellis D. – Took my Love Away
K. Alexi – Don’t Cha Want It?
Armando – 100% of Disin You
King Amazin’ – Double Asunder
Revoked – Pieces
Reese – Just Another Chance
The Kidd City Orchestra – It’s Not Over
Three Generations feat. Chevell – Superlover
Ellis D. – Work This Pussy
Intense – Dog a Baseline
Karyn White – Secret Rendezvous
Sax – Give Yourself to Me
El Barrio – Across 110th Street
Chocolette – A Little Bit of Lovin’
Track Show – H
The 28th Street Crew – Sex on the Dance Floor, I Need a Rhythm

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Tony Humphries Kiss Mastermix Dance Party 1991

April 14th, 2010 by RJJNYC

A tape shared by Doublepromo on the DJ History board.


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