Tracks & comments II

December 19th, 2010 by RJJNYC

mrmoreno1: I first heard this record the night David Morales had just finished recording it. he ran to the Sound Factory on a Saturday (ok, EARLY Sunday morning) very excited. He ran directly to the DJ? booth. Everyone wanted to know, “what does he have?”

A friend of mine, Mark Watson told me to prepare myself. He knew something fantastic would come. And then, Frankie played the Red Zone mix and mixed in the Classic mix!!


People were crying!!!

A night I will never forget.

Einfach Super!

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Tracks & comments

December 11th, 2010 by RJJNYC

May do this occasionally (as long as the youtube channel lasts anyway), some favorite comments and the tracks that go with them.

jetit: Looove this song..I remember the Day I got it. I played the Hell out of it. my Mom and Sister were like if you play that song one more Time!!! and so I the? next thing I know we were all love my Family and this song. Thanks.

schnikta: Ooooooooooo!!!!!!! y’all don’t know how? me, Kizzy, Reeka, Nooncy, Bopo, Trav, G, Tankador, all of us (sometimes in a Honda Prelude LOL) used to play this 2def f’real!!!!!!!!!!HOUSEMUSICALLNIGHTLONGsay what?

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Ho, Ho, Ho

December 10th, 2010 by RJJNYC

Happy holidays to any readers, downloaders, and random passers by.

Keith Haring Santa

1987 photograph of Keith Haring as Santa by Marcus Leatherdale, up for auction at Phillips de Pury & Company.

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